Janssens Farm Fresh Produce was first established in 1984 in Appin, Ontario where we started out growing apples. Expanding from the apples we began growing a variety of other fruits and vegetables.

In 2010 we constructed high tunnels which we use for soil grown fruit and vegetables. In these high tunnels we can grow healthier and higher quality fruits and vegetables with little to no pesticide use.

With over 45 different fruits and vegetables in production we opened our very own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in 2013. As of 2015, we now offer turkey and chicken shares. These turkeys and chickens are available due to our recent partnership with Allison and Andrew Janssens. After Allison and Andrew’s success in 2014 growing chickens and turkeys they decided to offer these shares to members of the CSA. Members must have a fruit and vegetable share to take advantage of this offer.

For more information on our CSA check out the tabs above.


We take pride in our wide selection of quality produce. All of our produce is hand harvested at its peak maturity to ensure a high quality product.

We grow a very large variety of fruits and vegetables including all of the following and more:

• Apples
• Asparagus
• Beans
• Beets
• Broccoli
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Celery
• Cauliflower
• Cucumber
• Eggplant
• Brussel Sprouts
• Blackberries
• Black Radishes
• Cabbage
• Cantaloupe
• Carrots
• Garlic
• Gooseberries
• Herbs
• Hot Pepper
• Sweet Pepper
• Potatoes
• Plums
• Purple Turnip
• Radishes
• Raspberries
• Red Currents
• Rhubarb
• Romaine Lettuce
• Kale
• Kohlrabi
• Lettuce
• Leeks
• Onion
• Okra
• Peas
• Rutabaga
• Spinach
• Squash
• Strawberries
• Swiss Chard
• Tomatoes
• Tomatillos
• Watermelon
• White Turnip
• Zucchini