Since 2015, we have been offering chicken and turkey shares to all our CSA members! In 2014, Allison and Andrew Janssens ventured into pasture raised chickens and turkeys and it was a big success. This partnership will add to the experience for our members and those who sign-up for this share type will end their membership with a nice big turkey for Thanksgiving.

Those who sign-up for the chicken shares will get a choice of multiple chickens if they choose. These pasture raised chickens and turkeys are grown outside under movable structures on their favorite snack of clover and rye grass.

To ensure maximum quality, they are also supplemented with non-medicated feed. These chickens and turkeys are grown without antibiotics and are fed high quality feed and non-GMO cracked corn to ensure the best flavor.

Updates on the chickens and turkeys will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter page as the season progresses.

What Do I Get for a Chicken Share?

For 1 chicken share, you get 1 chicken that is between 3 and 7 pounds that will be fresh from Andrew & Allison Janssens’ farm located near Glencoe, ON. The cost for one chicken share is a $10.00 down payment with the balance due at pickup calculated at $4.00/lb.

The chickens will be raised on clover and rye pasture and supplemented with non-medicated feed to ensure top flavour. These chickens will be grown in time for Thanksgiving as well.

During sign-up, please make sure you select how many chickens you would like. The chickens will be available fresh and will need to be picked up within 24 hours from our on farm location ONLY due to regulations. We have a cold storage at the farm and the chickens are required to be kept cool.


What Do I Get for a Turkey Share?

For 1 turkey share, you get one turkey that is between 15 lbs & 30 lbs that will be ready in time for Thanksgiving. What better timing than around Thanksgiving for a fresh farm raised pasture raised turkey? These shares require a $40.00 down payment with the balance due at pickup. The price is calculated at $3.75 lb.

These turkeys, just like the chickens, are also raised by Andrew & Allison Janssens. After their first year of raising turkeys and chickens, we all thought it would be a great addition for our CSA members.

The turkeys will be available to be picked up from our on farm pickup ONLY due to regulations.